Cyprus is in the subtropics, which determined its Mediterranean climate. A distinctive feature of this region is a rather hot and dry summer (from +25 to +40 ° C) and a warm, mild winter with precipitation in the form of rain and temperatures from about +10 to +20 ° C.

Cyprus is famous for its climate, which is recognized as one of the mildest in European countries. Here, the average annual temperature is +19 ° C. A lot of sunny days is an indisputable advantage of the region. Summer is hot and humid, begins in mid-May and lasts until the end of October. In the plain part it is rare to see snow, which can lie on the mountain peaks until the beginning of March. In Cyprus there is even a ski resort, which is located in Troodos. Therefore, this country attracts tourists not only in the summer.

The climatic features of Cyprus are comparable to New Zealand. For the human body, this weather is the most comfortable and useful. It is not surprising that the average life expectancy on the island is significantly higher than even in such developed countries as America or England.

Cyprus attracts the attention of many adherents of a healthy lifestyle, who seek to find a favorable place to stay.


  • clean mountain air and saturated with iodine at the seaside;
  • slight temperature fluctuation throughout the year;
  • low humidity, making it easier to endure hot days.

The government of the country strictly monitors the environmental situation and makes every effort to preserve the unique nature of the region. Therefore, the purity of the sea and air attracts many tourists and people who want to move to live in a more favorable place.

Spring and autumn are the most comfortable seasons for the climate. Sunny days and cool temperatures create ideal conditions for living and recreation. In the middle of May, it is almost always comfortable to swim, because, due to sunny days, the sea has time to warm up. In the autumn months, the sea cools down slowly, which makes it possible to enjoy its clear waters for a long time. The 335 days of sunshine that Cyprus is famous for show that even in winter, it does not often rain in the region. In summer, the average temperature ranges from 25-30 ° C. Sea water warms up to 24-28 ° C, which creates ideal conditions for swimming. The air reaches maximum temperatures in August. It was at this time that a large number of locals prefer to go on vacation.