Limassol is the second-largest city in Cyprus and is considered its informal capital by most— predominantly because it is the island’s cultural and business center. Theatre, cultural, gastronomic and wine festivals, exhibitions and concerts — the most brilliant and lavish events take place here every year. It is not surprising that this is one of the most popular destinations amongst Russian tourists.

Limassol is no less attractive for real estate investments. The city is constantly evolving, infrastructure is being improved, new residential and office buildings are emerging. Real estate investments have always been profitable. And one of the reasons for the reliability of investment is the fact that a large number of elite schools, universities and offices are concentrated in the city.

Limassol attracts some of the most ambitious projects in Cyprus: more than 350 million Euros have already been invested in Limassol Marina, and the construction of the City of Dreams is estimated to attract investments in the region of 695 million Euros. The flow of those who want to purchase accommodation does not seem to dry out, and the demand for rent and the cost of apartments is constantly growing.

More people from around the world are choosing Limassol as their home due to its comfortable quality of life and excellent career options. The city stretches 20km along the coast, and almost all areas of Limassol are in high demand — empty apartments are almost impossible to find.

Limassol Marina is the largest infrastructure project of the city and the most attractive in terms of real estate investments. This is an exclusive multifunctional complex buzzing with life, fashionable shops, boutiques and restaurants. The cultural center, fitness halls and SPA salons are all open for tourists and guests of the city. There is a private beach and a marina for yachts and boats. In fact, it is considered a city within a city that transformed the waterfront of Limassol, and has some of the most impressive and most elite properties in Cyprus.

The tourist area is located right by the sea and stretches for 12 kilometers to the east of the city from Limassol Marina. Apartments here are ideal all year round: whether it be for the summer, a permanent base, or for renting in the short- and long-term rental market.

The most beautiful parts of this area are at the foot of the hills, which offer stunning views of the sea and the city. Almost village silence, a leisurely life near the sea, and surrounded by modern infrastructure — what could be more perfect? It is an ideal place for permanent residence or long-term rental.

According to statistics, Limassol is significantly ahead of other cities in Cyprus in terms of the growth of real estate prices. The reason for this is how attractive Limassol is to investors, closely linked to the emergence of large-scale projects in recent years. One of which is the City of Dreams Mediterranean, an integrated casino resort, which will not only create jobs, but will also attract a large flow of tourists, further adding to the additional investment in the city.