Cyprus is one of the most favorite places for tourists from all over the world. Comparing this wonderful island with the European resorts, you can find a lot of differences. Enumerating the advantages and advantages of Cyprus can be infinitely long, but such an important aspect as safety is worth saying separately.

It is unlikely that something will be able to darken your holiday in Cyprus. Since the lion’s share of funds in the budget brings exactly the tourism sector, ensuring security and creating the most comfortable conditions for holidaymakers is a priority for the authorities of the country. Here is the lowest crime rate in the EU. Given that continental Europe has recently faced a migration crisis, Cyprus has become attractive not only for recreation, but also for permanent residence.

Once in Cyprus, you will not find metal doors and grates in the homes of local residents. Cars here are often left open, and sometimes with keys inside. In public institutions, hotels and shops there is no security, only police on duty follow the order on the streets. And even high-ranking officials do not surround themselves with bodyguards. The President of the country can easily find himself in the chair next to you as an ordinary spectator at a theater performance. And at the same time, he will necessarily communicate with everyone.

The island’s police are not a punitive body, but a well-functioning service that takes care of the safety of local residents and tourists. Until recently, the very concept of «crime» in Cyprus was absent as such.

You can feel completely at ease in any place: at airports and train stations, in cafes and restaurants, on the beach and in shops. The police speak English; they will immediately help you in case of an unforeseen situation. Despite the fact that the European Union insists on the resettlement of refugees on the island, the authorities of Cyprus respond with a categorical refusal. And while maintaining friendly relations with all EU countries and other countries.

The excellent climate, stable economic situation, a balanced foreign policy and a high level of security suggest that Cyprus is an ideal place not only for holidays, but for permanent residence. There are all conditions for guests from any corner of the world to feel at home.