Smart & Select

Kaleide Property Group offers two finishing packages — SMART and SELECT.

SMART package refers to economy and comfort class packages while SELECT refers to the business class and elite packages.

Through its SMART property package, Kaleide offers affordable elegance accessible for family living or for long-term investment while through its SELECT package, it boasts a selection of properties, addressed to the high-end buyer.

The way interiors are designed and then completed are some of the most important stages that makes house to feel home; to be comfortable and appealing. The interior is, as the name suggests, the inner world of any home, which reflects the style and character of those who inhabit it.

Our team of certified architects and interior designers are constantly analyzing the current trends in their respective fields and offer our customers solutions using high-quality finishing materials and the latest interior design technologies.

The materials selected and used to ensure comfort and harmony throughout the home.