Property Management

Kaleide cares about its clients and is there to provide a range of professional, after-sales services for the effective management of their properties. The company not only ensures a proper maintenance flow and safety of the client’s property but also guarantees the highest possible investment income throughout the year. Our qualified professionals will deal with any task quickly and efficiently.

Administrative and Financial Services:

  • conclusion of contracts with public utilities such as electricity supply, water supply, cable TV, telephone services, internet;
  • collection and arrangement of utility payments, mortgage payments, insurance contributions;
  • maintaining detailed documentation of all expenses;
  • drawing up an annual report for tax services and, if required, preparing tax documentation;
  • control over the validity of the insurance policy on the property;
  • providing professional cleaning services;
  • arranging for landscaping services in order to maintain the aesthetics of the property;
  • scheduling periodic inspections of the property to identify possible violations, potential hazards and the need for repairs;
  • regular reporting to the owners about the condition of the property;
  • general maintenance and repair services;
  • renovation and remodeling including interior design and/or architectural services;
  • rental management services for long-term living.

Last but not least, our specialists will regularly check the condition of the furniture, plumbing and household appliances. If repairs are necessary, the company will select and provide contractors who are ready to do the job at a reasonable cost. In addition, we are always willing to support our clients in purchasing furniture, household appliances and all essential equipment a house needs as well as provide assistance for the installation of all electrical home appliances.

The cost of each household items is always pre-communicated and pre-confirmed with the property owner.

The cost of property management services depends on the characteristics of the object, its total area and location.