Construction Trends 2024: Top Innovations

1. Drone Technology in Construction
Drone Technology in Construction: A Growing Trend. Our research shows that utilizing drones for site surveys can save £50,000 annually.

2024 Interior Design Trends: What to Look Out For

As we are in 2024, the realization that we're a quarter into the 21st century becomes more apparent. Following years of uncertainty, we've prioritized our home environments, contributing to a restored sense of normalcy.

Reductions in High-End Homes

In the latest property data, Cyprus' real estate landscape shows continuous growth, particularly in apartments, but there's a potential plateau in high-end properties priced at €500,000 and above.

Interior design news and artful Maps: Telling Stories in Home Design

Maps aren't just geographical guides; they're storytellers within home decor, according to leading interior designers.

Critical Importance of Effective Building Supervision

Experiences in the construction industry have highlighted a significant issue: the quality of supervision during building projects.

Cyprus Sees 7.3% Drop in Amidst Positive Growth Trends

In the first eight months of 2023, Cyprus observed a 7.3% decline in issued building permits compared to the previous year.

Strong Resilience in Cyprus Real Estate Market Amid Challenges

Amidst challenging conditions, the Cyprus real estate market showcased remarkable resilience in the first nine months of 2023.

Embracing Innovation: A Call for Recognition

In today's era of innovation, numerous entities worldwide aim to promote groundbreaking products and services, often expanding trade activities globally.

Marina at 300 places will be appeared in Paralimni

Theodoros Pirillis, mayor of the city of Paralimni, presented the project of building a large marina.

Experts: The Cyprus real estate market grows and the growth trend in 2019 will be preserved

The Department of Land Registry of Cyprus published data for 2018. In accordance with this information, 9,242 real estate purchase and sale transactions were registered during the year.

Cyprus tourism sector sets records

In 2018, Cypriot tourism had something to be proud of According to statistics, the island was visited by 3.9 million people.

Young people in Cyprus choose a healthy lifestyle

In Nicosia, representatives of CyBarz, a Cypriot youth group took to the streets to ask passersby the following questions

The height of a snow cover on olympus have made 70 cm

The Cypriot police website publishes up-to-date data on the condition of the roadways and the availability of certain sections of the road.

State elementary school in Cyprus: Main features

Parents of children who will study in Cyprus want to know more information about the school their children are enrolled in.